OpenPicus FlyPort IDE

OpenPicus FlyPort IDE 2.3

It allows you to program and manage the functionalities of the Flyport modules
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2.3.12 (See all)

The IDE is a Windows application that allows the user to program and manage all the functionalities of the Flyport modules. It extends to the functions of the IDE 2.1 program, integrating some powerful tool to ease the developing of an entire Flyport project, and adds support for the new Flyport Ethernet Module.

The IDE mainly features:

- A Project explorer to manage and modify all the project files (application files and external libraries);
- A powerful editor, with syntax highlight, autocomplete function and tooltip helpers;
- A wizard tool, to properly configure the device, with dynamic library compilation;
- Compiling through direct control of C30 Microchip compiler (user selectable versions from v3.24) , to catch all compiling messages;
- Importing Web pages in order to include html pages, javascript, images and all media of the webserver pages inside the project;
- Importing external libraries in order to add new functions to the program, for example to interface with external devices;
- A serial firmware download tool that allows users to deploy the firmware directly on the Flyport;
- A serial monitor that allows users to debug application and communicate with the device.
- HTML project informations, to embed documentation inside the project folder.
- Support for both Flyport Ethernet and WiFi modules.

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